Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Time for Another Look At Microphones

It has been some time, since I scanned the web concerning microphones. In my own studio, I have my favorites. However, even surprising to me, one of my favorites can be found at a very low cost. As with every piece of equipment out there, opinions will always remain subjective.

In the world of voice-overs, there are a few choices that are less subjective than others. I think most would agree, if finances are no issue, two safe bets would be:

Sennheiser MKH 416

Neumann TLM 103

And of course, there's one of my personal favorites.

Sure SM7B

I recently moved into a new home studio setting, one that provides a little more working room. I found one of my first microphones, the AKG Perception 220, that had been tucked away in a closet. Maybe for sentimental reasons, I decided to give it another whirl. Still sounds good, still remains one of my favorite budget microphones and will now remain outside of the closet.  

AKG Perception 220

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